Name : 11 Stone Buildings
Address : 11 Stone Buildings, Lincoln's Inn
Greater London
Post Code : WC2A 3TG
Country : England
Telephone : 020 7831 6381
Expertise: Banking & Finance
Business Crime
Company, Commercial & Competition
Dispute Resolution & Arbitration
Intellectual property
Media & Entertainment
Sports law
Trading Standards & Consumer Law
Travel and tourism
Wills, probate and trusts
Members:Adam Deacock
Alan Gourgey QC
Alan Bishop
Alaric Watson
Amanda Eilledge
Birgitta Meyer
Charles Holbech
Christopher Boardman
Clive Wolman
David Peters
David Nicholls
David Stern
Dawn McCambley
Denis Daly
Donald McCue
Douglas Keel
Edward Cohen
Gary Lidington
Iain Pester
Ian Smith
James Barnard
Jamie Riley
Jonathan Lopian
Jonathan Arkush
Josephine Giret QC
Kevin Pettican
Marc Dight
Marcia Shekerdemian
Marilyn Kennedy-McGregor
Martin Ouwehand
Maxwell Mallin
Michael Beckman QC
Nicholas Parfitt
Ralph Seligman QC
Raquel Agnello QC
Reuben Comiskey
Robert Deacon
Sally Barber
Sarah Clarke
Sidney Ross
Stephen Tudway
Thomas Robinson
Timothy Cowen
Timothy Penny
Tina Kyriakides
Notable Cases:
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